Creating Summer Fun! ** Jun 1, 2017

By Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA
When a family member has challenges in the areas of learning, behavior, or mobility, going into a summer adventure can take more planning, thought, proactivity, and  esearch. But that doesn't need to be a barrier to creating fun for the whole family to enjoy. Read this article online

From the Coach's Corner: Are You and Your Child Coachable? Mar 3, 2015

By Tom Curry
Colleges today may want to recruit a certain student athlete to fit into their program. But remember that the student and parent must be able to fit in with the program.
The other day, we had an assistant college football coach in our athletic department recruiting one of our players. As I sat in and listened to his discussion with our football coach, he asked a number of questions. The last one he asked became the idea for this column: "Is the student coachable? How about the parents?" READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: Choosing Your Child's Individual Coach or Sport Instructor Feb 2, 2015

By Tom Curry
Many parents these days struggle with choosing an instructor or individual coach to help develop their child's athletic skills in a particular sport. The pressure from other parents and the success, or lack of success of their children, may have a powerful influence on you when selecting an individual instructor for your child. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: Perfect Gift...Putting the "Kid" Back In Youth Sports Dec 2, 2014

by Tom Curry
Much has been talked and written about the right age to begin youth sports and the direction parents need to take when dealing with youth sports in general. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: Good News, Bad News Nov 2, 2014

by Tom Curry
I have been in the coaching profession since I was 18 years old. Starting as a volunteer at our local church coaching the 8th grade basketball team, I also coached the Babe Ruth league baseball in our town, along with numerous other sports at various times.

From the Coach's Corner: Social Media: Helping Your Child Do the Right Thing Oct 2, 2014

by Tom Curry
What school would want to admit a student who routinely posts offensive remarks on their Facebook page?

From the Coach's Corner: Sports and Friends...What Really Counts! Sep 3, 2014

By Tom Curry
I often think how lucky I have been in my life. I have a great family, a good job and some wonderful people I am lucky enough to call friends. When I thought about this the other day, I realized that I have met most through sports. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: Captains Aug 5, 2014

By Tom Curry
Each year, many students and parents concern themselves with the child being named or voted "captain "of their particular team. I have had a number of parents over the years express concern over voting results, the formula used, who tallied the votes, etc. It has amazed me each time this has happened because it is inevitably the parent of a student who has no business being a captain at all. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: How to Practice Jul 2, 2014

By Tom Curry
When I was coaching basketball, students would tell me how hard they had practiced over the summer, and each day in the fall, in preparation of trying out for the team. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: Lessons I Have Learned Jun 8, 2014

By Tom Curry
In the past two years I have written about what sports can do for kids as they grow and mature. The process of helping kids through some difficult times and formative years is a challenge that we all know and have ideas about whether a parent, coach or administrator. This month, I would like to change gears and talk about what I have learned in my years of coaching kids and working with parents. READ MORE

Hall of Famers May 2, 2014


Coaching in the "Big Time"! Apr 2, 2014

The true backbone of the coaching profession are the people who do it every day in the high schools, middle schools and youth sports programs that deal with children in their formative years. READ MORE

Are Your Kids Doing Too Much? Mar 1, 2014

Now, no one is a bigger advocate for kids to participate in sports than me! But kids need time to be kids! READ MORE

Role Models and Heroes Feb 5, 2014

As we start 2014, let's all reevaluate our definitions of role models and heroes. It's not always the person who scores the most points, has the flashy stats or is a big game star. It might just be that local pro athlete who puts his off season efforts into helping people. READ MORE

The Culture of Team Sports Dec 6, 2013

Whether paid or volunteer, coaches must pay attention to what is going on before and after practices, on the internet or even with opponents. Ongoing discussions between coaches, parents and players must always include reminders of positive words, actions and possible consequences for inappropriate behavior. READ MORE

From the Coaches Corner: How About Some "Play"? Nov 5, 2013

I thought back to when I was a kid. There were leagues and teams, but no one took lessons for any sport. You played. Every day was another day to play and be outside in the fresh air and sunshine... Now, our children's lives are structured form cradle to college with little time left to be "a kid!" Let me ask again: Do our children play? Do they know how? READ MORE

From the Coaches Corner: Travel Teams Aug 1, 2013

While playing on a travel team or summer league is great, real improvement only comes with repetition and practice... Game experience is fine, but game experience alone will not be enough. Time must also be spent practicing the skills necessary to improve.
(From EP Magazine – August 2013) By Tom Curry READ MORE

Letting Them Grow Jul 1, 2013

If you don't give your kids a chance to handle their own problems and act on their own behalf, they will never grow. Give them the opportunities to learn, grow, win and lose...but on their own. You will be amazed by the results!
(From EP Magazine – July 2013)
By Tom Curry
In my role as Director of Athletics, I am often amazed at how many times I see parents do things for their children. Simple things that need the child's attention or some effort are often handled by the parent. Since I also teach at the college level, I can tell you that doing too many things for your children many times leads to disaster in college. READ MORE

Special Needs Kids and Parents Involved in Sports Jun 1, 2013

Be flexible in terms of supporting the team. Keep a perspective that's grounded in doing what's right for kids' development as people and not focused on winning and losing.
(From EP Magazine – June 2013)
By Tom Curry
As summer approaches and vacation plans are being made, it is also a great time for a family discussion on your child's participation in sports for the next school year. READ MORE

Dealing with Difficult Coaches May 1, 2013

Be observant, be patient and be an advocate for your child. Remember that above all it's, "Play Ball"! Play denotes fun and children do learn from play.
(From EP Magazine – May 2013)
By Tom Curry
In light of recent events at Rutgers, it's a good time to reflect on our roles as coaches given the privilege of working with today's young people and student athletes. Youth sports should be participation based, while high school athletics is Educationally Based. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: Is College Athletics Right for Your Child? Apr 1, 2013

Parents should understand that while the coach may be recruiting your child, they are also recruiting you! The college coaches often watch the recruits' parents during games for how they behave and how they interact with other parents.
By Tom Curry
These days, a college education is an expensive proposition for a family to undertake for four years. With tuitions anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 and even more, many parents and students look to athletics as a means to reduce or even eliminate tuition costs. READ MORE

From the Coach's Corner: When Your Child Doesn't Make the Team Mar 1, 2013

Making the team is great. But not making the team could be the start of something even greater!
By Tom Curry
One of the toughest things a coach has to do is make cuts. Telling someone they didn't make the team is never easy. Some coaches tell kids to their face. Some put up lists of who made the squad. Trust was never easy and something I dreaded as a coach. READ MORE

From the Coache's Corner: The Mental Side of Sports Feb 1, 2013

It really begins with seeing opportunities where others do not.
By Tom Curry
You have paid for the pitching lessons, the tennis lessons, and golf lessons and attended every travel team game. Your son or daughter does well in these lesson sessions and sometimes in the games. But something is missing. He or she struggles with putting the skills they learn to use during games or contests. What's the reason? READ MORE

Autistic High School Football Player Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal Oct 27, 2012

Anthony Starego's Boot Lifted Brick Over Favored Toms River North On Friday
BRICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A high school student with autism becomes a hero on the football field. Sounds like a good movie doesn’t it? Well, it’s a true story. READ MORE

From the Coache's Corner: Helping Your Child Succeed In Sports Sep 1, 2012

Your child's present skills should be part of the discussion. Be honest when you assess your child's skills and potential for success at his or her current level of play and in the future.
By Tom Curry
Each year, many parents ask me the question, "How can I help my son or daughter improve in (their respective sport)?" That answer is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of variables that parents must consider as they and their child decide to work on improving their skills. Let's look at some of the things to consider as you and your child plan to work at achieving more success by improving skills and really working on developing as an athlete in their chosen sport. READ MORE

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