Winter Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations Jan 29, 2015

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Winter Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations

Some tips from the CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD).

A car battery can charge electric wheelchair during power outage from #Juno. More tips for people w/ #disabilities:

Did you know that infants lose heat more easily than adults? Don't let babies sleep in a cold room, especially if <1 year old. #Juno

If your power fails, refrigerated baby food warmer than 40F for more than 2 hours is not safe to eat, & should be thrown out. #Juno

Important for people w/#disability: Identify & map closest accessible shelters. #Juno #Blizzardof2015

Talk w/ kids about plans if you lose power. Build a kit together w/ things to stay warm. Use a flashlight for light, not candles. #Juno

#Juno: Power outages may impact medical services for people w/#disabilities. Learn how to help:

Keeping warm for #Juno: repurpose a sleeping bag – unzip, cut armholes in bag & cover person in wheelchair. #disability

Keep feet warm for #Juno. Many snow boots have Velcro straps/zip up easily over leg braces/prosthetics. #disability #Blizzardof2015

Pack extra blankets in your car's emergency kit to keep you & your family warm, in case you are stranded

#Juno Check your baby's temp and if below 95 degrees, go to the doctor #Juno #Blizzardof2015

Guidance for Military Families with Students in Special Education Jan 23, 2015

by Virginia Department of Education, DIvision of Special Education and Student Services.  

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2014 National Training Seminar: Military Child Education Coalition Jun 2, 2014

Click here for more information and to register! READ MORE

Team Riley: Joining Forces to Help a Child with Rett Syndrome Find Her Voice Feb 4, 2013

Riley's parents and therapists agreed that "eye gaze" was her best form of communication. So they went to work developing a system to help her communicate her needs and wants by using her eyes.

In the April 2011 issue of EP (Exceptional Parent ) magazine, readers met Riley, daughter of Army sergeant Alan and Jessica Steventon of Fort Campbell, Ky. ("A Full Plate: Helping a Child With Rett Syndrome Thrive and Grow"). Riley, diagnosed with Rett syndrome at 26 months, weighed only 28 pounds at age four. The article focused on the therapy she was receiving to help her eat more and gain weight. READ MORE

November 2012 Issue Nov 23, 2012



 * Big Bird for President, by Shelly L. Huhtanen

 * Preventing Gaps in Special Needs Therapies for CHildren, by Shari Lopatin

 * Planning for COllege and a Life of Independance, by Christopher Waddell

 * Military News

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NFL Will Benefit From New Military Studies on Concussions Aug 11, 2011

New Book on Military Brain Injuries Shows Technique

A recent University of North Carolina study showed that the average college football player receives over 300 blows to the head in four seasons. In the pros it is even higher. READ MORE

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