Managing Expectations with a Home Remodeling Project ** Jul 12, 2017

by Deborah Pierce, AAI, CAPS

A roadmap for putting your remodeling project on a solid foundation.  Read this article online

Designing a Child-centered and Accessible Home Jul 14, 2013

In the accessible home, disabilities become abilities because barriers cease to exist. This is the possibility of the accessible home.
(From EP Magazine – July 2013)
By Deborah Pierce, AIA, CAPS
Every parent is exceptional! Our kids challenge us to expand our limits – to be more patient, more tactful, more generous, and, when circumstances call for it, fiercer advocates. We juggle our jobs, housekeeping tasks, and care-giving with all the grace and intelligence we can muster. On top of these demanding responsibilities, when our child has a disability, we're given a crash course in medical and legal issues where the stakes couldn't be higher. READ MORE

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