PBATS announces the PLAY campaign Jun 10, 2014

In 2002, EP launched Disability Awareness Night with major and minor league baseball teams and supports sports-related endeavors of organizations in the special needs community. EP was present during PBATS recent announcement of the PLAY campaign partnership with the ARC.

The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) and The Arc recently announced today, at Yankee Stadium, a partnership to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in sporting activities nationwide. The PLAY Campaign – conducted at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums each season – is a public awareness campaign of PBATS. The campaign is designed to help combat childhood obesity and promote a healthy and active lifestyle by promoting fun activities and good decision making. Originally developed in 2004, PLAY is now the longest running health campaign in professional sports directed specifically at young people. This year, for the first time, children with intellectual and developmental disabilities from chapters of The Arc will participate alongside children without disabilities at these events.

You can find more information at: http://blog.thearc.org/2014/05/30/pbats-arc-join-forces-promote-inclusion/