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Resource Guide A Compendium of Resources for the Special Needs Community
ep-Magazine Educational Directory includes Camps, Schools and Residences
Child Fund International The well-being of all children leads to the well-being of the world.
Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Legal help for families who believe their child's cerebral palsy is due to negligence
Better Life Mobility Center Los Angeles Wheelchair Vans | San Diego Used Handicap Vans
EP Magazine Editorials by Dr. Rick Rader (single pages in .pdf form)
Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Journal by Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
NDNRC National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative
The Latkovski Sisters Inspiring Video!
Karman Healthcare Full line of wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, power wheelchairs & scooters, stand-up wheelchairs, oxygen regulators, bathroom safety and other home care products.
The R-Word Spread the Word, To End the Word
Special Education Guide To “level the playing field” by providing specialized services to students with disabilities so that they can succeed academically.
WhisperGLIDE America's Finest Swings (Everyone has fun!)
Fathers Forum (of New York) "A fellowship of fathers of children with special needs"
NONO Child Development Centre "Strengthening Abilities of Children"
Vocational Independance Program NYIT’s commitment to students with special needs
We Connect Now Deditcated to Uniting College Students with Disabilities *
Pledge to Show Respect Spread the Word, to End the Word
Wounded Warrior Project Some Wounds Leave No Scars
Make A Wish A childs Wish is waiting. Make it come true.
Power Access Corp. Power Access Automatic Door Openers
Stewart Home School The Special Place for Special People
The Litigators, Inc. Cerebral Palsy Lawyers
NMEDA The Annual Consumers Guide to Mobility Equipment Dealers
EParent360.com an alias for ep-Magazine.com
EParentConnect.com an alias for ep-Magazine.com
TCA-epWorld.com an alias for ep-Magazine.com